Dental Restoration Solutions


Tooth Fillings

If you have a cavity, it’s nothing to be ashamed of – it can happen to anyone. But proper detection and treatment is integral to maintaining the proper structure and function of your teeth. Luckily, Dr. West offers a soft-touch approach that will restore the area of decay in the most gentle and comfortable way possible. Fillings are mercury free – and if aesthetics are a concern, a tooth-colored material will be used that is virtually undetectable in your mouth.

Root Canal Therapy

The term root canal therapy refers to a treatment of the interior of a tooth, the part that is occupied by ‘pulp’ tissue. This tissue contains nerves, but also has veins and arteries, lymph and connective tissue. Many people fear having a root canal because they have heard they are painful, especially if the pulp has gotten infected. However, once there is infection the tooth will never heal by itself. Instead the infection will just spread. If you have pain or sensitivity when you bite down or chew, Dr. West can perform the necessary tests and recommend a solution. If root canal therapy is required, you can rest assured that it will be done with your comfort as the top priority with our soft-touch, painless methods.

Dental Crowns

In some cases, we see patients with a tooth that does not have enough tooth structure to allow placement of a filling. In cases like these, installing a dental crown is often the best option. A crown is created to match your current teeth and is bonded over your preexisting tooth. Dental crowns can strengthen, restore and improve the appearance of your natural tooth. The material used is state-of-the-art, high-strength and metal-free.


When one or more missing teeth need to be replaced, a bridge may be the best solution. It’s a custom device anchored to neighboring teeth made from a wide variety of customizable materials. In most cases, the feel and function of natural teeth is completely restored. Plus, bridges are designed based on the color and shape of your mouth to ensure a completely natural aesthetic appearance.

Dental Implants

We have seen many people in our St. Louis dentist clinic that have, through the effects of disease or an injury, lost some of their teeth. In the past dentures were the only alternative for many of these people but now dental implants can replace all the missing teeth or replace some of the teeth and be used as anchors to keep dentures from slipping. Implants work by using permanent titanium cylinders that are bonded to the upper or lower jaw. A custom made dental crown is then placed on the base that matches the size, shape and color of your existing, natural teeth. Do you want to know if you could be a candidate for having dental implants? If you have good overall health, are free of any chronic illness and do not smoke, you probably would qualify.

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