Cracked Tooth

What Should Be Done If You Have a Cracked Tooth


If you have a cracked tooth you need to realize that a tooth crack is not like a broken bone where the body will eventually heal itself. If the crack is not treated it may become larger and penetrate deeper into the tooth, sometimes all the way to the pulp, or nerve, at the center of the tooth.

Sometimes people have cracked teeth and they don’t even know it, but they experience sharp pain when biting down on something a certain way. They also may experience pain from very hot or cold foods which can seep into the crack. If you have a sharp pain like this that comes up suddenly and then goes away almost as fast, you may have a crack that you are unaware of.

If the crack in your tooth is a small one, it may be repairable using only dental bonding composite resin and adhesives. Once installed, the bonding material is hardened with an infrared light and the tooth is then polished.

Larger cracks may require the tooth to be covered with a dental crown, which will require at least two visits. In the first visit the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken, then a temporary crown is installed. The impression is used by a dental lab to create a permanent crown which is then placed over the tooth in the second visit.

In about ten percent of cracked tooth cases, the crack reaches all the way into the pulp, or nerve, at the center of the tooth. This situation may call for root canal therapy before a crown can be placed on the tooth.  If you know or think you have a cracked tooth, you need to get it repaired before additional damage occurs. We can inspect your tooth and let you know the best course of action at no charge!

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