Corrected Teeth


How We Can Correct Misshapen or Mismatched Teeth
Its unfortunate, but misshapen teeth, or teeth that don’t match in size, or are angled wrong, can often make an otherwise straight smile appear crooked or make it appear that some of the teeth are chipped or broken. Of course, each patient’s situation is unique to them, but we have many powerful techniques that can be used to correct these situations and provide the patient with a smile they probably didn’t think was possible.

One side benefit is that often the misshapen teeth can be causing other problems in your bite or cause abnormal wear on the teeth. The great thing about state of the art dental techniques is that you no longer have to suffer with these problems.

There are many cosmetic options in these situations. Often misshapen teeth can be reshaped using dental bonding or covered with porcelain veneers. Sometimes the existing teeth need to be built up with crowns or bridges.

Dental Bonding is often an ideal solution where teeth only require minor reshaping. In this prodedure, we use a tooth-colored putty-like material to reshape the problem tooth to fit in with the rest of the teeth.

Another option is porcelain Veneers, which are durable, thin shells of porcelain that can be fitted over the misshapen teeth, hiding them from view. The porcelain used looks just like tooth enamel, but it also has the advantage of not being resistant to staining and will not decay.

When porcelain crowns are used, the entire surface area of the misshapen tooth is completely covered and protected. Crowns are sometimes necessary if the teeth are severly misshapen, but they, like veneers, have the advantage of lasting for years with proper care and maintenance.

Sometimes the teeth are not the problem at all, but the gum line. If a gum line has receded, it could give the teeth an appearance of being too long. In these cases a procedure called gum re-contouring can correct the appearance of the teeth.

During any of these procedures, care will be taken to make sure that the corrected teeth meet the way they should when your mouth is closed so your bite will not cause wear or alignment problems.

Rest assured that, whatever condition your teeth are in, we should have a procedure that correct the problem. Stop putting off having the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of!

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